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ReadsCo is a place for collaborative book discussions.
We're a community of IndieHackers who see reading as an active, participatory dialogue.
In Just 3 Words, Elon Musk Explained How You Can Become Expert at Anything (Even Rocket Science)... Whenever anyone asks him how he learned to build space-traveling rockets, this is his three-word answer: "I read books."read more...

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In short: read better, together, and find what to read next · Speak with authors and readers live (in video town halls) or asynchronously (on book hubs) · Follow other people to see what they’re reading and which ideas they’re pondering · Create a personal library of your insights & annotations · Find what to read next!

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Whenever you’re reading, use the ReadsCo application to capture the most interesting passages, pen down thoughts on them and share them within the community.

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Add a book title so you could organise and easily track all of your notes.
Snap a picture of the page of the text you’re reading whether it’s a physical book, digital book, or even an ebook.
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Write your views and ideas within with the notes. And, share your note within the community to connect with like-minded people.

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Engage in active reading. The more you write about and discuss the ideas you read, the more likely you are to remember them

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