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What is ReadsCo?

Reads.Co is a place for collaborative book discussions. We're a community of authors and readers who see reading as an active, participatory dialogue. ReadsCo is also a personal knowledge bank: you can save the best ideas from your books to your own library.

What types of content can I capture?

You can capture from any type of written text in digital or analog form, including books or e-books. Simply take a photo of the text, annotate, and save it to your digital library.

What does it mean to publish an Insight?

Publishing an Insight means saving it to your digital library. By default, your insight is publicly visible to all members following the book that it came from.

What’s the difference between an Insight and a Post?

Insights and Posts are both ways of discussing books together. An Insights is an annotation tied to a specific section of text. A post doesn’t have to tie back to a section of text.

Why does Reads.Co require real names?

Why does Reads.Co require real names? Reads.Co is a place for people to read and discuss ideas. We require real names to promote thoughtful, high-quality discussion and discourage trolling, spamming, and other forms of harassment.

Why do I have to signup using Google to create an account on Reads.Co?

We are building an authentic discussion forum for real people. We require Google signup to discourage users from creating multiple accounts with misleading identities.

What is the ReadsCo waitlist?

The waitlist is where you can request access to Reads.Co website, which is currently still in beta. The ReadsCo app includes the ability to capture and annotate insights.

Can anyone join the waitlist?


How does the waitlist work?

We invite readers on the waitlist to (A) create an Reads.Co web account and (B) if applicable, join our test app. The best way to skip the waitlist is to register for an upcoming ReadsCo's Live event.

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